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Charity-minded Costumed Volunteers.

What is Costumers With A Cause?

Costumers With A Cause (CWC) is a national 501(c)(3) costumed charity organization 100% comprised of unpaid volunteers.

Our mission: To collaborate with children’s charitable organizations, foundations, and fundraising events, that promote community growth, unity, education, and hope for every child’s future.

CWC operates in seven branches across the United States – Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and the Midwest.

We are managed by a Board of Directors and Administrator team:

Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers are real-life heroes with huge hearts, who give freely of their own time, energy, and funds. They attend community events to assist with fundraising, and bring cheer wherever we end up!

Volunteers for CWC serve as costumed Character Performers, Hero Support (Handlers), Event Leaders, and Photographers.

Individuals that show exemplary leadership and commitment can be nominated to serve as organization Administrators and Board Members.

Where do donations go?

CWC operates on direct donations from individuals and corporate entities. These funds go towards standard operating costs, such as equipment for events, business cards, web hosting, and insurance.

You can support our mission by donating below!

I want to join!

We are always thrilled to welcome charitable folks to our ranks!

CWC is inclusive, supportive, and a fun way to get out into the community and volunteer. We have members of all ages and backgrounds!

Note that the amount of work we do around children requires a mandatory background check for all aspiring members.

To inquire on the branch closest to you and get the ball rolling on membership, message our public Facebook page, using the button below:

Featured partner organizations:
And many, many more!