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We knew CJ Ferguson for years before he even showed an interest in opening a branch in Eastern Tennessee.  CJ knows what it takes to run a great branch and we are delighted to add him and the Eastern Tennessee branch to our organization! While we know CJ pretty well, here are a few questions to help you get to know CJ a little better.

Q & A

What was your favorite CwC Event and why?

My favorite CwC Event would have to be the MS Walk I took part in one year when I was visiting in Chicago. Dressed in Superman Blues I never dreamed I would ever get to wear the S Shield and be the Man of Steel for a day. To those kids that day I was. My dream came true and every smile made that day meant so much that I knew CwC was something I would want to take part in more in the future.

If you could have any Superhero powers, currently known or otherwise, what would they be?

I’m a huge Gambit fan so I would say Kinetic Manipulation. To take it a step further it would be to charge with Kinetic Force or take it away.

Some people think “kids have it easy today”, do you feel that way and if so, why? If not, why?

Children have a lot of things easier today. However, that doesn’t mean it is easier. With every advancement comes new challenges. Children today may have it easier in the ways we knew when we were younger, but they face challenges now that unless we stay in tune with our children and their needs today then they will struggle because we are their support system when they are facing the challenges today.

Are there any causes that you hold near or dear to your heart?

Children are our future but Veterans are our past. I believe there are causes and needs for both. Through CwC we can help to bring smiles to both young and Old. Making the world a better place for both to benefit from and know they are loved and matter.

Who was the most inspirational person/people in your life?  What was it they did that inspired you?

I have had so many influences in my life that it is hard to try and encompass one or two people into this category. God, my Parents and Grandparents, Ron Perlman, The Marx Brother, Martin & Lewis, Ben & Jerry (I love Ice Cream lol), Dick Van Dyke, George Clooney, Christopher Reeves, and so many more that have helped to bring characters alive and deliver messages that have helped to inspire, shape, and push me to become the creative and passionate person that I am today.

What was the happiest moment in your life?

The Day I had my first experience as an actor. It was a church play and I was about 8 at the time. I played one of the Shepherds watching over our flock at night. The Angel appears above us and tells us to fear not. I yell out loud my line, “Let’s get the sheep out of here!”. Everyone laughed. I felt excited and energized and overjoyed that they liked me!  Years later I finally realized…no one thought the word I said was sheep. Lol However, that moment launched me into becoming the ham I am today.

If you could describe CWC to someone who has never seen or heard of them, how would you go about doing this?

CwC is an organization that brings Love and Gratitude to those who need it the most. We arrive I Costume and give people an opportunity to meet real life versions of the heroes, princesses, fairies, and more that they grew up reading and watching. We aim to inspire hope and joy to all we meet and to keep the world a more unique and wonderful place to be in today.

What is your favorite costume to wear and why?

I have had many that I’ve loved to wear. It would be hard to label one. Most touching was Superman, Gambit is my favorite character so that one comes close as well. Apocalypse was the biggest challenge but amazingly epic to have the opportunity to present. Pariah was by far the most embarrassing but fun because even the creator George Perez poked fun at the character but I had the privilege of being one of the first he had ever seen.

Do you have any strange or unique talents you would like someone who doesn’t know you to know about?

I can perform the dance move prisyadka (Knee-Bending). No one expects it when the first get to know me. I’ve been able to do it since I was little and watched the Fonz do it on Happy Days and taught myself. It’s like a secret weapon for those moments when I want to surprise people. They never see it coming. LoL.

Assuming you could go anywhere and do anything you absolutely wanted to with no limit or time or money, where is it you would choose to go and what would you do?

Ahhh yes… do you have any big dreams to share? If I had no limits of time or money I would want to take my partner, Kati, and go on a traveling tour of Italy and Ireland. We would spend time touring the countries doing the tourist thing and researching family heritage and we would also be trying some of the small village dining away from the bigger city restaurants as I’ve heard these are the best places for a true experience.

I dream of launching my own Media Company, Altan Studios, that produces  video and audio projects for film, radio, and internet that entertains, educates, and connects with viewers of all types and ages. With a focus on networking to help lift up those who work on our projects, I want to be able to become a jumping point for collaborations between artists of all varieties so they can continue creating with like minded individuals long after they finish working on Altan Studios projects.