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How did you first get involved with Costumers with a Cause, and what has been your favorite or most memorable event so far and what made it memorable?

I joined Costumers with a Cause at a local charity event about 9 years ago. I was intrigues by all the people willing to help, so I asked several questions about the charity work and joined the next day. My most memorable event is always the Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids. I love helping my hometown heroes.

Our members put on many faces in CWC.  What is your favorite character you represent and what is it that you like about that character?

My favorite character is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I always love the feeling of dressing up as a princess and helping.

Based on your experiences with us, how would you describe what we do to someone who knows absolutely nothing about us or who we are?

I get asked this all of the time. I tell people we are a 100% non for profit that loves to put smiles on kids’ faces. We are always here to lend a hand and help whenever we can. I also explain some of the events that we have participated in before to create awareness.

What do you feel are your best assets, talents, and gifts are, and how did you acquire them?

I am all about honesty, integrity, and working hard. I also dance, sing,play instruments, darts, and I’m a huge crafter.

It seems that lately we are hearing about more and more children who are being bullied or have self-esteem issues, body issues, etc. If a child came to you with any one of the many issues you are aware of, what advice would you give them?

I was bullied as a child so,

I would tell the child that:

A: they are not alone

B: Make sure to tell a teacher or parent, or at least tell an adult

C: Life gets better it will be ok.

Imagine: You are on a deserted island. There is absolutely no way off this island. You are totally alone, with the exception of a magic genie who wants to grant you 3 wishes. Getting off the island isn’t one of them. What would your 3 wishes be and why?

My 3 wishes would be a stronger mind to be able to build shelter, tools, etc. 2nd would be electricity and 3rd would be unlimited sources of food and water

Many of our members tell us stories of special situations or circumstances in their own personal lives which causes them to have a special place in their heart for charity organizations. Is there any charity or organization that holds a special place in your heart?

I was a teenager and became sick with a rare auto immune disease. I have had hundreds of surgeries and have been on chemo. Any child going through a health issue is my hero.

What is your favorite amusement park, and what is your favorite ride within that park?

Cedar Point in Ohio, and there are too many rides to pick. I also love Disney World

Secret time: What is one thing about you that you think would surprise someone who thinks they know you pretty well.

I love riding on a Harley Davidson, and I am also a huge thrill seeker.

Who is someone you really admire? They can be real or fictional, alive or passed on. What is it about them that you admire and why?

My parents because they are the two strongest people that I have ever met. And, all the kids I have met doing charity work