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Southwest Florida (Fort Myers and Naples area) is our newest branch of Costumers With A Cause. A post in a Facebook cosplay group generated a lot of interest in a part of Florida where CwC did not have representation. Luckily, Kyle stepped up to help get this branch going and has been doing a great job recruiting members and finding events for us to spread the word about our mission. We are very happy to Kyle on board!


How did you learn of Costumers with a Cause?

From a post on Florida Cosplayers

What is/was your favorite experience when in costume and why?

I love to really get into the mind frame of my character. I usual decide to make a cosplay based on a show or cartoon I truly love and a character I admire. When I’m cosplaying it just fun to portray that character. My first one was Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Do you have a favorite superhero? If yes, who and why?

I would have to say Spiderman from Marvel. Because who wouldn’t want those powers and abilities to swing around town. And Tim Drake from DC. Because in my option is the smartest Robin and I love when he branches on his own and creates Red Robin. I have a lot of his comics and they are very entertaining. I also am one of the few who likes the New 52 saga (which is the costume I’m working on now).

If you could cure any disease or disability, which would you cure?

Hmm… This is a tough one, there’s so many. I would have to say a way to fix being paralyzed. There’s a lot of new technology that shows promising results.

What hobbies do you have outside of CWC?

Besides anything having to do with the outdoors: hiking, mt. biking, kayaking. I also love going to the movies, just hanging out with friends and being goofy. And, of course, going to comic cons and cosplaying.

The world is your oyster. You can go anywhere and do anything for as long as you’d like. Where would you go and what would you do?

Again tough one I have so many places. I would say my top spot would be Australia. Before Steve Irwin died I always want to work at the Australian Zoo along side him.

Are there any causes or foundations that come close to your heart? If yes, which ones? Why?

A lot of conservation networks like WWF and the Sierra Club. I have my Bachelor’s in environmental science so I’m very much into ecology and environmental issues.

Who are your real-life heroes?

As mentioned before Steve Irwin. But as a kid my old ice hockey coach along with my dad (who was a officer for 35 years). Currently in this crazy world still looking for that hero. And in the comic world Spiderman and anime Goku.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

So many….hmm… When I was 8 our hockey team placed second in nationals. We lost 3-2 to the last Vegas roadrunners in the championship game. Which was a huge deal our local rink had a huge party and our team photo still hangs on the wall to this day.

Tell us one thing you think would surprise us.

I have been a civil war re-enactor for over 10 years.

Thanks for taking the time Kyle. Welcome to CwC!