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So who is David Purkey? Well, David , or shall we call him “Dave” is a Loooonnnggg time friend of the CWC President, Scott Whipple. They have known each other since…well…if you ask them, a very long time. If you get these two together you are sure to laugh because they seem to have so much in common. Dave has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. Genuine, caring, someone you know you can rely on and an excellent addition to the CWC Leadership team! David is on the Board of Directors and is also one of the Admins for the Midwest Branch. But there is so much more to know about him!

How did you learn about CwC?

I learned about CWC from Scott and Jenny Whipple.  Scott is my oldest friend, I don’t remember a day not being friends.

What is/ was your favorite experience with CwC and why?

This is a cheesy answer but every experience with CWC is my favorite.  The time and effort that our volunteers give to make sure that sick children and their families have a moment of happiness amazes me every event.

Do you have a favorite superhero? If so, who and why? 
Batman has always been my favorite.  As kids Scott and I would run around with anything we could use for capes.  He was always Superman and I was Batman.

If you could cure any disease or disability which would you cure?
Like most people I could cure Cancer.  It has affected so many people I know and love.

What hobbies do you have outside CwC
My favorite hobby is SCUBA diving.  If I was part of one of the Florida branches I would have to find sick fish to plan events for.  I am also a life long hockey fan, the Chicago Blackhawks are my favorite NHL team.

The world is your oyster, you can go anywhere and do anything for as long as you’d like, where would you go and what would you do? 
I would like to travel and diving all of the great reefs of the world and the Galapagos Islands

Who are your real life heroes?
P.K. Subban, currently with the Nashville Predators.  He is a native of Montreal Quebec.  When he signed his first big NHL contract he pledge $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  He not only gave the money but he also give a lot of his time to the children in the hospital.  After being traded to Nashville P.K. continues to give his time to the children of the Nashville Children’s Hospital.


Tell us one thing you think would surprise us..

James Avery (“Uncle Phil” on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) was the voice of Shredder on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.