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We would like to introduce CWC’s fearless leader, President Bill Clar! We provided Bill with a questionnaire so that our volunteers as well as any site visitors could get to know him a little better. Here are his responses!

How did you first get involved with Costumers with a Cause?

I met some friends in a costuming group and we decided to do some charity work for Toys for Tots.  We had the costumes, why not put them to good use besides attending conventions?

We did not want to use the name of our associated costuming group as that group had a bit of a reputation.  Instead, we came up with the name, “Costumers With A Cause.”

We did a Google check to see if anyone was already using the name.  That is when we discovered [my successor] Scott Whipple’s CWC branch in the Midwest.  We asked if we could use the name and Scott suggested we create a CWC branch.  And that is how the Central Florida CWC branch was born!

Our members put on many faces in CWC. What is your favorite character you represent and what is it that you like about that character?

My favorite character is Spiderman.  Spiderman is full of hope and always sees the best in people.  Despite all the hardships he has faced, he continues to smile and move forward.

My favorite aspect of Spiderman is his jokes.  He is always telling Dad jokes.  Some are good.  Some are cringeworthy.  I am always on the lookout for new material to crack up the kids.

Based on your experience with us, how would you describe what we do to someone who knows absolutely nothing about us or who we are?

We are a group of friends and nerds that like to cosplay and make children smile.

What do you feel are your best assets, talents, or gifts? How did you acquire them?

In regards to CWC, I feel my best asset is flexibility. Sometimes an event does not go as planned, or attendance is low. Sometimes a child is scared to approach and you have to interact from a distance.

It seems that lately we are hearing about more and more children who are being bullied or have self-esteem issues, body issues, etc. If a child came to you with any one of the many issues you are aware of, what advice would you give them?

That is a tough one.  I would tell the child that they should speak to their parents.  If possible, try to avoid the bully at school.

Imagine: You are on a deserted island. There is absolutely no way off this island. You are totally alone, with the exception of a magic genie who wants to grant you three wishes. Getting off the island is not one of them. What would your three wishes be and why?

Deck of cards, fishing pole, satellite telephone.

Many of our members tell us stories of special situations or circumstances in their own personal lives which causes them to have a special place in their heart for charity organizations. Is there any charity or organization that holds a special place in your heart?

Toys for Tots will always have a special place in my heart.  It was my first charity event.  I believe that every child deserves a toy on Christmas.

What is your favorite amusement park, and what is your favorite ride within that park?

Disney Hollywood Studios. I love the Indiana Jones stunt show and Aerosmith’s Rock’n Rollercoaster. And Galaxy’s Edge is pretty cool too!

Secret time: What is one thing about you that you think would surprise someone who thinks they know you pretty well?

I am older than I look.

Who is someone you really admire? They can be real or fictional, alive or passed on. What is it about them you admire and why?

I admire the founder of CWC, Scott Whipple. Scott’s heart and generosity cannot be measured. He loves charity work and cosplay. He is like a big kid.

What is/was your favorite experience when in costume, and why?

We were at the Avengers:  Infinity War premiere.  The crowd lets out and we take some photos with a young boy and his family.  We talk to the boy and he is a bit upset about the end of the movie.  He just watched some of his favorite heroes get dusted.

We talk about the end credits scene with Nick Fury and his Captain Marvel pager.  We asked the boy, “did you recognize the symbol on Nick Fury’s pager?” The boy shakes his head. We then point his gaze towards our Captain Marvel cosplayer and the emblem on her chest.

The boy’s jaw dropped and his eyes went wide.  It was at that moment he realized that Nick Fury sent an S.O.S. to Captain Marvel.  I will never forget his reaction.

If you could cure any disease or disability, which would you cure?

As much as I want to say cancer, I will say blindness. There is so much art, color, and beauty in the world that it is a crime that some people can never see it.

What hobbies do you have outside of CWC?

I try to stay in shape, as it helps with Spidey poses. I am learning guitar. I dabble in acting in student films. I love theme parks.

I am a crazy cat dad. I am the proud (?) owner of five crazy cats.

The world is your oyster. You can go anywhere and do anything for as long as you would like. Where would you go and what would you do?

I would like to hit up some major conventions like Comic-Con. Go to every Disney park.

Thank you so much for all you do with Costumers With a Cause and for your leadership, Bill!