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Bio: My name is Ambre, but my costuming name is Kohaku007. This name was something that I created when I first got involved in Cosplay/ Costuming. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater.  I am second generation Comic Book geek. Everyone in my immediate family is comic book fans/lovers. This comes really in handing when you need help with costumes or need to find reference pictures for a character. My mom has helped me so much with sewing techniques and costume projects multiple times. THANK YOU MOM! I have been cosplaying since 2006, where my first convention was Anime Central. My first comic book convention was C2E2 2011 and I have been hooked ever since!

 What are your favorite aspects of cosplaying?

I think my favorite aspect of cosplaying or costuming is making the costumes itself. I love the idea of making something from just a bunch of materials and making it look amazing like a character. Obviously, I also enjoy when I finally get it all put together and it turned out exactly what I wanted!

Why did you become a member of CwC?

I became a member of CwC to give back to the community and to help! Since I was a kid I have always been part of different charity groups or getting involved with like events. But when I heard about Costumers with a Cause; I was like what perfect idea!!! Plus it combines two of my loves costuming and helping people.

 What has been your favorite charity event/moment at a charity event?

Wow, that is a hard one because I have enjoyed all the events I have attended. However, I would say my one of my favorite so far is the Kids with Courage V Event at the Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells.  I say this because first off the Kids with Courage V of the Children Hospital of Madison, WI contacted me to see if CwC could come to the event. And when I started discussing it will everyone in CwC, everyone was super excited about it. Plus talk about the dedication of the members that came to the event. I mean some of them drove all the way from Chicago to the Wisconsin Dells and back in a day.

But another reason I loved this event was because my favorite moment happened at this one. I was stationed at the “Mini High Ropes Course” for the little kids, where they would put on a little harness and go through obstacles. Well there was this little girl who was super tiny and she wanted to go on the course so bad. Her mom and grandma seemed nervous about her going on it so I told them I would walk her through it. So I start helping this little girl through course and she held so tight to my hand. I kept encouraging her as she went and she was so excited when she would finish a task. I looked over to her mom & grandma and they were crying (but tears of joy). After the little girl was done she gave me a big hug and said Thank you Wonder Woman. Her mom told me that she was just in remission from her cancer and that she finally was able to play again. I was so touched by the moment. To able help the little girl to have fun and to see how happy her family was too; made my day!

How long have you been a volunteer with CwC and how did you first hear about their?

I’m not sure how long I have been a volunteer with CwC, but I think it’s been over a year that I have a steady volunteer. I first heard about it by Scott Whipple at a CON. It happened when we were talking about charity events and I was expressed interest in getting involved with a charity group again.

 What motivates you to volunteer with CwC?

Well obviously the cause itself! The faces on the kids, families and friends we meet each time at these events. How excited sometimes organizations, kids and people in general get when they see all of us/ hear about our group. But besides that the community of people that make up the group is a great motivator too. These people are great and amazing people. And I feel like we are a family of Geek-hood, but we like to give back to the Midwest community. And I say Midwest because the events we have done have crossed state boarders from Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

 Do you volunteer anywhere else? If so, where and what is your role with that organization?

I currently don’t do much volunteering outside of CWC. However, when the company I work for does events or is raising money or collecting items for other charities; I try to get involved. For example, my employer each year does a Giving Tree where we donate hats, gloves and toys to the local Boys & Girls Club. Also they collect food for the local food pantry or the Turkey Trot 5K Walk/Run that benefiting the ECHO Food Pantry.

 What would you like to say to those who may want to volunteer with CWC?

DO IT!! That is what I would say to anyone that is thinking about volunteering or wants to volunteer with CwC. It’s not just a great cause. It’s a great group of people. Like I said before it’s like a family.

 What are you most passionate about?

As in volunteering with CwC or as in passionate in life? Well if we are talking about volunteering I would say even if it I’m repeating myself, it’s giving back and helping people. I believe it is very important to try to help people because you never know when you might find yourself in the same or similar situation. As for passionate in life, I would say I’m pretty typical like others. I’m passionate about Comic books, costuming, art, science (I have a Science Degree), and of course my family & friends.