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In some parts of the country a hero is a sandwich, so what makes a great SuperHERO? BESIIIIDES bacon.

I think in many ways a great sandwich is what makes up a great super team. You need to have a balance of good meats and vegetables with the right condiments. Personally I like turkey and chicken sliced with lettuce and mayo. Maybe some ranch and some famous Dave’s spicy pickles.

Best superhero turned Villain?

I gotta say that I don’t know a whole lot of stories where the hero becomes the villain. I guess the one that I am familiar with is where Tim Drake aka Robin turns into the Red Hood. The way that he was borderline doing the wrong thing even when doing hero work and how his death and rebirth is what pushed him over the edge.

Best Villain turned Superhero?

As for villain turning hero I gotta give it to my favorite merc with a mouth. Deadpool has never really been a hero and when he tries it tends to blow up in his face. But the character has such depth that not a lot of people see and he may seem crazy but if you read into him enough you realize that he is a really smart guy.

Most underrated Superhero?

I’m going to get on my soap box here for a minute. I know there are a decent amount of people out there that dislike Cyclopse from the X-men. I get it that he is a pretty boy/ boyscout who follows the rules and tends to be a bit uptight. But as a hero and if you really look at his past you will see why he is that way and truly gain a respect for him.

Which Superhero could you see yourself being best pals with?

I would have to go with Spider-Man. I have always had a very tight personal connection to the character and some of the hardships that he went through. A lot of my personality has evolved from his personality due to the influence that his comics had on me as a kid. So I’d say I could hang out on some rooftops with Spidey most days.

The quintessential superhero question is always along the lines of, “would you rather be invisible or be able to fly.” It’s a favorite in the world of philosophy and psychology. But if you’re going to ask a ridiculous fake situational/aspirational question, why limit the respondent’s creativity and imagination? So, with that in mind, what would be your range of superpowers, and you can have both invisibility and flight as gimme’s – sort of like how the Wheel of Fortune just lists off the RSTUVL (or whatever it is)

This is actually a very easy question for me. A few people in the costume world know that I work with another charity called the Skiffytown League of Heroes where we do children outreach by engaging their imagination. We set up a booth at Megacon in Florida and let them come in to make their own heroes and whatever with the help of a hero. Well each member of the charity have their own heroes. My hero is Eclipse. The range of powers are Shadow stepping where he can teleport via shadows. He has a dark energy blast from his hands and when he powers up he gets a bit bigger/stronger/faster and his skin is all black with white hair and eyes.

Would you prefer to be a superhero yourself, or the resident portrait artist to, say, the Justice League?

I would want to be a hero. As cool as it would be to hang out with all the heroes I’d rather fight along side them.

If you had the opportunity to cure one childhood disease or illness what would it be and why?

I think I would have to say SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. There is no way to detect this problem and it can just happen out of the blue. Its really not fair to the child who has just begun life and didn’t even get a chance.

Lamest superhero power in marvel or dc? Explain.

On this I would have to pick on Jubilee. She is a interesting character but seriously come on. Who wants to shoot firework bright lights from their hands? I feel like her creator was like I need a power and it was the fourth of July.

What is your current paying job and is this your ideal dream job or would you rather be doing something else? If you’d rather be doing something else, what would it be?

Well my mild manor job is I’m a Fire Fighter/ Paramedic. I work for the town of Marengo on a regular shift. This is why it can be easier for me to make the events no one else can but harder to make the ones everyone else can. This is my career job and I do really enjoy it. Each call is different and each day is different. I would like to eventually work for a different town just due to pay and benefit reasons but I do really enjoy what I do.

Of all your CWC events you have attended, what were you dressed as and what was it about that event that made it most memorable to you?

My most memorable event would have to be the day that I was asked to join Scott and a couple other people to go down to Lurie’s children’s hospital downtown. It was a last minute thing and he needed another Avenger. I got to wear my Thor (movie version) and go visit all the kids in the hospital. Or at least a majority of them. Each kid was very grateful to have us come in and give them comics. Doing those types of events were the reason I wanted to get into CWC. I wanted to give back and give hope to the kids who needed it most.

Final question, who are YOUR real life superheroes and why?

My real life heroes are my fellow brothers and sisters in the emergency fields. I know the sacrifices we all have to give on a daily basis. From giving up nights with the people we care about, missing holidays and special events or the ultimate sacrifice. Otherwise I would have to say that in our community of costumers I would have to say Scott and Jenni Whipple. I know it sounds like a bit sucking up since they are the ones in charge but I’m serious. As for Scott with his abilities to make amazing costumes from not much in a short amount of time. But his willing attitude to help others even though he has things he still needs to finish or do. Scott would give you the shirt off his own back if you needed one. To be fair it might be so he could just be shirtless and show off some chest too haha. And as for Jenni she is also a very caring person who looks out for us all. She would be there to listen in a heartbeat if you had a problem and give you a hug as well. But her true sacrifice is giving up time with her husband to allow him to help others, either in the costumer universe or to do a charity event.

I want to take this time to thank you all for picking me for your spotlight person. I feel very honored to be a part of this group and hope to keep living up to the standards we have all built over time. I look forward to seeing all the old faces and the new ones to come at events. If you have any other questions or just want to say hi please feel free.