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Henry is with our Jacksonville Florida branch.  He is also known as Stonecutter Cosplay.   He is currently a lunch dude at his old elementary school and has lived in Jacksonville, Florida for the majority of his life.  He has loved cartoons and superheroes since he was a kid, and has never let go of that.  Besides cosplaying, he enjoys playing video games, and trying many different kinds of food.

He has been cosplaying and convention going since 2010.  His first con was Ancient City Con in Jacksonville.  He cosplays characters from various genres, from superheroes, cartoons, sci-fi, and anime.

How did you learn about CwC ?

I found out about CwC through one of my close friends who I made since getting into the art of cosplay.

What was your most memorable CwC event, and why?

My most memorable event has got to be when I was Batman at the Heal Autism Walk at the Jacksonville Zoo.  That particular event, I was especially delighted to do because, I myself have strugled with Aspergers Syndrome, which is an Autism spectrum disorder.  Growing up with an ASD, and being around people who struggle with one, I know how important it is for these kids to have moments where they can see their favorite superhero in the flesh.

What got you involved in cosplaying?
It was seeing some of my friends going to cons, being their favorite characters, and having the time of their lives, and I really wanted in on that.  I have been going to cons since 2010 with a few closet cosplays, but I didn’t really start throwing myself into the hobby until spring of 2014.  I had a dive suit which I converted into a Nightwing outfit, and went to a convention and never looked back.
Who is your favorite character to cosplay and why?
 Danny Phantom, hands down. It was my favorite show on Nickelodeon when I was a teenager and I wanted to go ghost ever since. So it’s more what stopped me was that I didn’t have money to cosplay at the time so I made Danny Phantom amv’s (animated music videos) instead. Another reason is that I tend to get the most positive reaction every time I cosplay Danny. It’s probably because he invokes a lot of nostalgia.
If you could give any advice to someone new to cosplaying what would it be?
Pick one of your favorite characters and start from there; that’s what I did when I cosplayed Nightwing for the first time. Keep trying new things to better yourself and never forget to have fun.
If you could cosplay any character at all with an unlimited budget, which character would it be, and why?

Going back to Danny Phantom, one of my favorite episodes was Reign Storm. If I had an unlimited budget I would create the Ecto Skeleton Danny used to Defeat Pariah Dark.

What superpower would you want to have?
The ability to alter molecular density. Increase it to make myself or objects as hard as diamond (think  Luke Cage) and lower it so I can pass through objects like a ghost. Either that or super strength.
What is the lamest superpower?
Navel Lazer. Which is Aoyama’s superpower or quirk from the anime My Hero Academia.
Favorite Superhero?

I have more than one and I going to choose three from different universes. Nightwing from DC: I loved him since I was a little kid. I love that he got out from Batman’s shadow to become his own hero. Spider-Man from Marvel: Because I was that nerd in school and I just love his humor. (Deadpool comes in close second.) All Might from My Hero Academia. Because no matter how bad things get for him he always has a bright big smile on his face. I can relate to having to put on a smile despite having reasons not to do so. By the way, if you haven’t done so watch My Hero Academia. If you love superheroes, you will love this anime.

What do like the most about cosplaying?
What I love about cosplaying the most is seeing that unmistakable joy on the faces of kids and adults alike when they see their favorite characters in the flesh. That’s the reason why I cosplay. 
It is great to have Henry as part of the Costumers With A Cause team, he has attended all of the Jacksonville events, and his great hearted example is why he was chosen as our VIP this time around. Thank you Henry for kind heart, and helping to bring smiles to children and families in Northeast Florida .