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Meet Joe Tomosone, he is our Spotlight VIP member and is one of our Central Florida Branch photographers. Joe is really nice, giving, person and does some really great photography of our members and of our guests and participants at our events! He helps us out in his “spare” time and though sometimes people don’t understand that his work with Costumers With A Cause goes on long after the event is over, and sometimes they get impatient, you’ll never hear Joe complain or become impatient.  He’s also always willing to offer advise and help others with their photography and photo shopping skills! I had a tough time getting and finding pics of Joe because he is always behind the camera but, that is a very important role with Costumers With A Cause!

Q & A

How did you learn about Costumers With A Cause?

I attended a group photo shoot in Orlando that had a “Nerdy Group Shoot” theme.  At the shoot was none other than Batma… err… TJ.    We got to talking and he asked if I would come shoot at one of the Muvico charity events, and I said, “Sure, why not?”.  The rest is history.

What is/ was your favorite experience with Costumers With A Cause and why?

To date I have only done the theater events (we will have to change that!), but I think my favorite of those was probably the Rogue One opening just due to the variety of really cool shots we got.

Do you have a favorite superhero? If so,  who and why?

I think I am going to have to go with Spiderman simply because he’s the one I remember wanting to be like as a kid.   I can’t explain why that is the case, but there you are.

If you could cure any disease or disability which would you cure?

I would have to choose two: Cancer, because it took my mom, and diabetes, because it will one day take me.

What hobbies do you have outside Costumers With A Cause?

Photography (ok, that was a given), amateur radio, and flying my drones.

The world is your oyster, you can go anywhere and do anything for as long as you’d like, where would you go and what would you do?

I would literally backpack a large portion of the world and do photo essays on magical places to share with everyone.   Australia, lots of Eastern Europe, lots of Asia, and the Middle East would be the primary focus.   Picture a National Geographic photographer with no boss and an unlimited budget.

Are there any causes or foundations that come close to your heart? Of yes, which ones? Why?

Costumers With A Cause and the MUCH Foundation are the closest to my heart at the moment.   However, I also believe strongly in the mission of Civil Air Patrol – one of the other groups I volunteer with due to their Cadet Program (which teaches leadership and other skills to our youth to prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow) and their emergency services program which saves lives each year in search and rescue missions.

Who are your real life heroes?

I have several.  The ordinary heroes in our lives – firefighters, police, EMS, and other first responders that keep us safe.   Our military, who train to be in harm’s way in far away lands to defend us.   But really, there are unsung heroes all over, ranging from the guy who anonymously pays for a poor family’s groceries to the lawyer who takes and wins a pro-bono deportation case to folks like we have in Costumers With A Cause who give of themselves to help others and bring them hope.   I like to think that superheroes each embody come combination of all the ordinary heroes in our lives.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Going on the boat every weekend.   We’d leave Friday after Dad got off of work and come home late Sunday night.   I carry that tradition on now with my kids with an RV.

Tell us one thing you think would surprise us..

I know next to nothing about many of the characters that our Costumers With A Cause members cosplay.  I grew up with the Superfriends and watching the 60’s Batman tv show (RIP Adam West!), but I never knew really anything about Ant Man, Iron Man, Green Lantern, The X-Men, etc, etc, etc.  However, thanks to being exposed to them at the events and the movies, I am learning quite a bit!