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Staci Etheridge is one of our Junior members in the Central Florida branch. She is extremely creative and very good with the kids and has a kind and giving heart. We always enjoy having her, her Dad (Nolan), her brother (Valor), and her mom (Mary) at our events as they come out and support Costumers With A Cause at any event they can. We would like to get to know Staci a little better so we asked her a few questions!

Q & A

How did you first hear of CWC and do you recall what your first event was? If so, what was it?

 I first met CWC members at other events held by other charity organizations. My brother and I started specifically attending CWC events a little over a year ago at movie photo ops where our characters were needed.

 Imagine you’re on a deserted island,  all alone. Somehow you have all the tools and materials needed to make whatever you want to make to either get off the island or to make your life there better. What would you make,  and why?

As you may know, I am not a fan of direct sunlight. I would build a shelter first but then build a way to get home to my Chihuahuas and my makeup.

 On a more serious note, are there any special causes that touch you a more personal way,  that you’d care to share with us or, is there a cause, disease, disability that you’d like us to do more with our be more aware of?

If I had one cause to support, it would be helping rescue animals. I love the many charities and causes we already support at CwC but animals, and mostly dogs, are my passion.

What is your favorite character to cosplay? When was the first time you coplayed that character and did the experience go as planned? (No malfunctions?)

My favs are Rogue from the X-Men and Loki. I haven’t had many failures in wardrobe but the Rogue suit did split once in the back but it just so happened that by hanging my gloves through my belt in the back, it covered me up until we finished. Always have a plan for fails! 🙂

How would you describe yourself?

I am a very mellow person. I tend to be very loyal to my friends and always try to make people happy if I think they need a laugh. Even though I am very quiet out of character, I still try to be a people-pleaser.

What made you decide to use your cosplay for “cause play”? 

Cause-play allowed me to do something I love while helping others. I love my one on one interactions with kids and groups but I really love being part of a large team that really hits the WOW factor in fans!

If you could create your own superhero, well, let’s say you can! Tell us about them!

It would be a superhero that fights at night so as not to face the deadly rays of the sun. I would be able to talk to animals and would partner with various animals to help solve mysteries and fight crime! Oh my goodness! I just described Scooby-Doo!!!

How did you get into costuming and cosplay?

Like many things, it was a happy little accident. It was the spring of 2016. I was 13 at the time and I was tagging along with my brother to Stars of Hope with the Sun coast Ghostbusters. I saw how much fun they were having, the great reactions from the crowds and how much good they were doing for the Stars of Hope charity. I was hooked immediately!

What are your biggest pet peeves?

About cosplay? I don’t like people who pretend they are cosplaying to help others but the only actions they take are to promote themselves. Another pet peeve is that since Suicide Squad, the new version of Harley is spread across ALL Harleys. When I am in my cartoon Harley, she is maniacal but never trampy

Often times when we are out doing things for kids,  the kids get star struck when they see someone in a recognizable costume. Tell us about someone who would make you “star struck” or “Fan boy” crazy if you got to spend some time with them.  What would you want them to know about you and what would you ask them?

Where do I begin?? I got to meet Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) at Mega Orlando and after asking a single question, I started crying when he spoke to me. I also fan-girl pretty hard after some of the big name female cosplayers that are so nice when you meet them in person. What I would want them to know is that as soon as I am done squealing and crying from meeting them, I am a very chill person. 🙂

Those are the answers but the real me is a person that would love, one day to be a professional Cosplayer and use that notoriety to help the causes I support. I love to see the excitement on people’s faces when they meet a hero they didn’t expect to. I love having little girls run up and hug me “just for being awesome”. I know they go home happy and so do I. Right now I am a 15 year old high-schooler that spends her days working on new business ideas, new cosplays, new special effect make-up techniques and generally enjoying living in vacation. I have three Chihuahuas that I miss terribly anytime I am away from the house. I live with my cosplaying brother and my father that supports everything I do. Life is great!

Congratulations Staci and thank you for all you do to help Costumers With A Cause be the best organization we can be! We promise we are looking for opportunities where we can do something with a cause you are passionate about, animals, and hopefully, specifically dogs!