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BIO: My name is Trevor Walmer, I live in Illinois, I have been cosplaying for only a couple years now. I went to college for Auto Collision and Refinishing Technology, which is also what I do for a living. I have learned how to apply those skills to making costumes, mainly armor. I have started sewing also. I have picked up a few skills from my grandma, but a lot is kind of being self taught. My first convention which was Anime was Kollision Con 2012 and my first Comic con was Wizard World Chicago 2013.

Q & A

How long have you been a member/volunteer of CWC?

I believe I became a Part of CWC in August 2013. I began cosplaying in 2012. so i haven’t been doing it that long, and when I was invited to joining CwC , I was still very new at costuming, but It gave me a good reason to keep doing it !

What was your most memorable event you have done with CwC and what made it stick out for you?

I really enjoyed the events for Toys for Tots at the Volvo Car Museum. Since I grew up a car guy, and work on cars for a living, I thought what a great way to combine my favorite things in life while bringing in people to get more toys donated to the toys for tots program. However the events that really hit me are the ones at the Walter Lawson children’s home, and the Autism and Special needs baseball game. When you see the children who have an impact on the fundraising we do, it’s real emotional.

What was your costume at that event?

The costume I had on for the Toys for Tots Volo Car Museum event was Iron Man, at the Walter Lawson Children’s Home it was Iron Patriot, and at the Special Needs Baseball game it was Robocop.

Who is your favorite Superhero, and why?

I would have to say Tony Stark, aka Ironman. I seem to identify with him a little. He is known as a lot of things…. some bad, some good, but when it comes down to what me and him have in common , its Knowledge, Hard work ethic, an eye for detail, the need to learn , and to advance.

If you had the opportunity to cure one childhood disease or illness, what would it be, and why?

I would have to say the one thing I would want to cure would be cancer. It affects a wide range of people, young and old. I have witnessed the effects of it from family members who have had it. It’s just an awful thing.

Do you volunteer with any other charity groups?

I’m part of the We are Cosplay group which does a few charity events, and also I have attended birthday parties of ill children as Iron man which I believe makes their parties that much more fun!

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with CWC?

It’s great to know that our passion of costuming can create such help and joy to so many people who need it. It keeps me going, making costumes, coming out to events, Telling people about it, etc. When we attend new events, and hear that the fundraiser raised so much more than their previous years, and it was because of the “superheroes”, I got to say that makes me feel great.

You are at your favorite charity event, dressed in the coolest costume ever; thousands of people are there to support the cause. If this was the case, where would this be, what would your costume be, and what is the cause?

Well I attend a lot of car shows (out of costume of course) and I always wondered if I could get costuming to merge with car shows. So, I think that would be a possible great event. Most likely I would be dressed as Iron man, but maybe I would have something new by that time. And the cause, well maybe it could be raising money for a cancer research program.

Outside of CwC, what is your current occupation or your dream job?

My current occupation (which was my field of study in college), is in the Auto Collision and Refinishing Industry. I work at a local auto body shop. I do body work and paint cars. we do a lot of wrecked cars, and we also do restorations of old cars. Sometimes we even fix things up that aren’t automobiles, such as old soda pop machines!

What are you MOST passionate about?

I guess it would be art. Any type of art I respect and passionate about. I see my work as a type of art. I see making costumes as an art. Anything and everything!

How did you get involved in costuming/cosplaying?

Well when I was in college, learning how to fix wrecked cars, body work, and painting, which I loved doing, however I was working multiple jobs at auto mechanic shops part time, to pay for college. at a time in my life, working on cars was a actual hobby for me, and I loved doing it. But it got to a point where it just turned into work. I had to find something else for fun and a hobby. I stumbled upon a YouTube video of people who were making Armor type costumes from a video game out of fiberglass. Well fiberglass is something I learned about at college and use it all the time at work in the auto body field. So I thought this is something I can do, and wanted to try it ! So it gave me another source of enjoyment, that i could still use my skills I learned from college and work, and then apply it to something totally different. Well many comic cons later, I have become hooked on it, and I have learned more from other people, using different materials, I also have met a lot of cool people, made a lot of good friends. And the CwC group and events make it that much more fun and give it a purpose!