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We remember the first time we had any contact with Whitney, she had recently moved to the Central Florida area. Her smile was felt through a Facebook messenger message. Since that day, Whitney has lit up the lives of so many children, and many of the faces of our Costumers With A Cause members as well. Funny, full of smiles and humor, such a pleasure to be around! She is an amazing individual, a sister to every person that knows her. But, let me allow HER to tell you a little more about herself! 🙂

Q & A

How did you first hear of CwC and do you recall what your first event was? If so, what was it?

I first heard about the group through Lindsay Altman, an acquaintance on Facebook at the time. First event was a Shriners Hospital event.

Imagine you’re on a deserted island,  all alone. Somehow you have all the tools and materials needed to make whatever you want to make to either get off the island or to make your life there better. What would you make,  and why?

Lots of chocolate! Can’t live without it! 

On a more serious note, are there any special causes that touch you a more personal way,  that you’d care to share with us or, is there a cause, disease, disability that you’d like us to do more with our be more aware of?

Mental illness is a cause that is near and dear to my heart as I’ve been affected personally and know people who have been affected. I’d love it if CWC could work with more organizations to help promote mental illness awareness so there’s not as much stigma attached to it.

What is your favorite character to cosplay? When was the first time you coplayed that character and did the experience go as planned?

I have so many I love for various reasons but my favorite would have to be Giselle from “Enchanted.” She’s such a fun and positive character. 

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a huge nerd, obviously. I’m typically the sarcastic one in the group and have been called the class clown in the past.

If you had the power to cure one disease/disability/illness,  what would it be,  and why?

Mental illness, as it affects so many

If you could create your own superhero, well,  let’s say you can! Tell us about them! 

Funny story, I created a super hero when I was younger at summer camp. My superhero name was “Plunger Girl.” My catchphrase was “able to plunge any toilet at any time!” 

How did you get into costuming and cosplay?

I got into it about 7 years ago when commissioned a costume for a yearly Halloween party that my husband and I would throw when we lived in Texas. I became great friends with the seamstress who made my costume and she introduced me into the cosplay community. 

What are your biggest pet peeves?

People who think cosplay is a competition to see who has the better costume. We’re all in it for the same reason. To dress up as our favorite characters and have fun! Keep the “play” in cosplay!10.   Often times when we are out doing things for kids,  the kids get star struck when they see someone in a recognizable costume.

Tell us about someone who would make you “starstruck” or “Fan boy” crazy if you got to spend some time with them.  What would you want them to know about you and what would you ask them?

Jeff Goldblum. Hands down. He’s just such a cool laid back guy. I had the fortune of meeting him at a con once and I won’t ever forget it. He’s someone I’d love to just sit down and talk with. I’m not sure what I’d like him to know about me but I’d love to just listen to his stories.